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South Jordan’s Newest Destination for FUN Opens this Saturday

Labyrinth Utah
Labyrinth Utah
Labyrinth Utah

From the owners of Airborne Sports, Alcatraz Escape Games, and The Golden Axe comes a brand new entertainment experience never before seen in Utah – welcome to the LABYRINTH.

At the newest destination for fun in South Jordan, Utah, you will experience the future of altered-reality games. From Ninja training, sneaking through an enemy minefield, experimenting with jelly flavoring in the donut shop, tiptoeing through the haunted asylum, and even escaping an active volcano – heroes will face a set of multidimensional challenges within the most mystifying corners of the Labyrinth. 

Each of Labyrinth’s 52 mini-games, called ‘Levels’, create a unique and engaging environment full of unfamiliar puzzles and obstacles for you and your team to solve. Unlike an escape room, Labyrinth also requires participants to beat physical challenges much like an obstacle course. 

Are you smart enough? Strong enough? Quick enough? Agile enough? Assemble your team and see if you have the wit and the strength required to overcome the Labyrinth. 

Raleigh Williams, co-founder of Labyrinth said, “We wanted to create something that was more team-based than your normal trampoline park, more physical than your normal escape room, and give you real-time feedback when you made a mistake.  From that idea, we came up with the idea for a real-life, video-game experience.”