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Bar X Group to Purchase Historic Cotton Bottom

The Cotton Bottom Inn
The Cotton Bottom Inn
The Cotton Bottom Inn

Holladay’s historic property, The Cotton Bottom Inn will undergo a renovation.   For more than 50 years the property at 6252 South Holladay Boulevard has been the site of the iconic Cotton Bottom Inn, a small, cozy bar known for its no-frills environment and garlic cheeseburgers. The planned refurbishing is meant to preserve that legacy while bringing new life to the property and maintaining the true spirit of the original.  The Bar X Group, owners of local restaurants The Eating Establishment, Beer Bar and Bar X , will lead the new project as owners. 

“The Cotton Bottom Inn is the quintessential neighborhood bar and restaurant and our goal as the developer will be to bring a high-quality, enduring project through the preservation of its iconic name and feel while bringing new life, amenities and patrons to the area,” said new co-owner Jeff Barnard. “The first question people ask us is ‘are you keeping the garlic burger’ and the answer is absolutely yes.”

The new Cotton Bottom will feature an enhanced outdoor dining experiences, and approximately 3,000 additional square feet of family dining areas.

“The city is very excited about the next chapter for this historic establishment in our community,” said Holladay Mayor, Rob Dahle. “The Bar X Group has presented a great solution to preserve the things that have always made the Cotton Bottom great, while making it accessible for everybody of all ages to enjoy in the future.”

The Salt Lake based group has experience in working with communities in Utah to understand their needs, create and re-envision assets that cater to existing users and new audiences, and redevelop beloved institutions to make them profitable and sustainable. This project will be their third time saving and rejuvenating an iconic food and beverage restaurant; Bar X and The Eating Establishment being the others.

The Bar X group will take over ownership in mid-March.