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First-Ever Utah County Distillery Clear Water, Offers Utahns A Shot To Co-Own

Clear Water Distilling Company
Clear Water Distilling Company
Clear Water Distilling Company

The US craft spirits industry anticipates revenues to reach twenty billion dollars* over the next five years, and states like Utah can expect to be part of that growth.  Residents may assume distilleries would open in Park City or Salt Lake City. What’s not expected is an already built, equipped, handcrafted distillery creating new liquor categories in the heart of a notoriously conservative society.  Clear Water Distilling Company is the first-ever distillery in Utah County and is adding consumers in the mix with its crowd funded launch opportunity.    

“When deciding where to establish our distillery, Utah County was an ideal location based on its economic growth and influx of new diverse residents,” said Matt Eau Claire, CEO.  “Silicon Slopes has changed the landscape of the county, and new residents are reflecting the country’s trends and tastes.  They have bravely moved here to find opportunity and it just made sense to offer Utah’s bold entrepreneurs a chance to own a company that embraces change, and also build roots by being part of a historical first in Utah County.” 

Utilizing the widely accepted and thriving investment model – equity crowd funding, Clear Water introduces its equity offering on Start Engine this fall/winter. Equity crowd funding differs from traditional crowd funding sources like Kickstarter™, in that you can directly purchase ownership in a company, instead of participating via donation.  Utah business has found success with craft brewing, yet craft distilling is outpacing the category nationally.  US spirits revenue grew 5.1 percent to over the last year**, and Clear Water is bringing Utah into this prosperous venture. 

“In keeping with the Utah way, we’re getting creative in our approach; Clear Water will use uncommon formulas and methods that cannot be categorized,” said Eau Claire.  “We will be original in a defiant way with new, never-before invented spirits geared to give mixologists a new palette; spirits that are handcrafted, slow processed and organic.  We look forward to fostering a stronger community for this burgeoning county newly populated will all kinds of change makers.”   

Clear Water Distilling Co and will focus on on-premise (bars and restaurants) and off premise (liquor and grocery store) sales with twists on classic tastes.  Clear Water will launch with two spirits – Josephine, an Eau De Vie inspired offering with an added twist of molasses for its tropical notes, and Lorenz, a cinnamon rum base made without adding post-distillation flavors or sweeteners.  The company is particularly focused on building relationships with mixologists nationally as consumers look for an experience with their products and brands.  The initial offering is looking to raise up to one million for expansion and sales.  Please visit the Start Engine page to distill success with Clear Water.