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Park City Special Bourbon…Just Released

Alpine Distilling
Alpine Distilling
Alpine Distilling

Alpine Distilling, Park City’s award-winning locally-owned-and-operated craft distillery, announces the exclusive release of Park City Special Bourbon at Alpine Distilling’s two retail locations in Park City and at 122 ABC Fine Wine & Spirits locations throughout Florida. 

This new expression of Alpine Distilling’s award-winning Kentucky bourbon is distilled with IPA beer. Park City Special Bourbon is described by American Whiskey Magazine as an “approachable, everyday whiskey” with notes of “warm caramel, pleasant light cinnamon, pecan and oak” and fruit flavors that become more pronounced as the whiskey rests in the glass. 

Park City Special Bourbon is the ideal holiday gift for someone in your life who enjoys distinctive premium spirits after a long day outdoors. Enjoy Park City Special Bourbon neat or on the rocks. 

Park City Special Bourbon (ABV 44 %) 

Flavor notes derived from an American Whiskey Magazine tasting

Nose: The grain essence releases vanilla and a floral hint of rose and cherry with water carrying stronger florals. Other notes on the nose are smoke with marzipan, white pepper and sage. Redolent of baked peaches with a generous dash of cinnamon or cornbread dough with caramel and vanilla.  

Palate: A spike of heat conveys warm caramel, pleasant light cinnamon and a little nutmeg. Pecan and oak come through the spice to dominate and produce a slight tingle later in the finish.

Finish: Relaxed with a delicate lingering on the tongue of golden raisin. The fruit continues before drying to oak and a tingle of spice.  

Alpine Distilling spirits include

Alpine’s flagship platinum award winning Preserve Liqueur (ABV 20%) is an all-natural combination of blood black tea, blood orange, candied raspberry, lemon balm and ginger inspired by sunset of the Swaner Nature Preserve. Distilled from 100 percent non-GMO corn and Orthodox Union-certified kosher, Preserve is a one-of-a-kind tasting experience and an expression of the rejuvenating effects of time spent outdoors.  

Persistent Vodka (ABV 40%), distilled from 100 percent non-GMO corn and filtered twice through activated charcoal for a crisp, clean award-winning finish. Gold Medal Winning. 

Summit Gin (ABV 90%), a tribute to Alpine Distilling founder Rob Sergent’s first taste of gin in his hometown outside London and redolent of juniper, coriander, angelica root, ginger, cardamom and citrus. Double Gold Medal Winning, Highest Ranking US gin at the World Spirits Competition. 

Lafayette Spiced Bourbon(ABV 80%), a “must-have” spiced whiskey inspired by Rob’s great-grandmother, Granny Babe, who would soak ripe stone fruit from her Kentucky farm in ’shine to add flavor. Gold Medal Winning.

Alpine “Ange Vert” Liqueur (ABV 50%), inspired by Rob’s college years in Munich where he learned to appreciate the signature digestifs of towns in the Swiss Alps and rich with layered botanicals including Spanish anise, green tea, peppermint, ginger, lemon balm, cinnamon, nutmeg and wormwood. Double Gold Medal Winning.

Traveler’s Rest American Single Malt (ABV 45%), Alpine Distilling’s flagship whiskey and one of the few true American single malt whiskeys aged in former Buffalo Trace American oak bourbon barrels and finished in new, toasted French oak to round out the flavor profile with vanilla, mocha and spice. Double Gold and Fifty Best.