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Iver’s Tunnel – the secret skier subway in Park City you’ve never heard of

Iver's Tunnel Park City
Iver's Tunnel Park City
Iver’s Tunnel Park City

Did you know – Park City has a hidden subway system that once shuttled skiers into the hearts of the mountain

If you wanted to hit the Park City slopes in the 1960s, there was more than one way to reach the peak. How does a mine cart ride sound?

Iver’s Tunnel, AKA the skier subway was an alternative to the overland gondola system, as a way to ferry skiers to their destination. Open during the mid 60s, skiers would take a three mile journey into the heart of the mountain – rattling along in an enclosed and modified mine cart.

At the end of their ride, skiers would then take an old mine-shaft elevator 1,800ft back to the surface. The Park City Museum has more detail on the operation and even have one of the modified mine carts on display, housed on the lower level of the museum. Those interested can also visit the preserved building at 1835 Three Kings Dr #75, PC, and look into the mine shaft (which is where this photo was taken).

The tunnel remains to this day (safely locked up of course) owned and preserved by Windermere real estate.