Punch Bowl Social - chicken n waffles
Punch Bowl Social – chicken n waffles

Punch Bowl Social – Chicken N Waffles

What the restaurant says

Fried chicken breast and thigh, malted waffle, chipotle-citrus maple syrup, free strawberries, $16.25

What we say

Pretty fabulous. This is one of the best fried chicken preparations we’ve tasted in Salt Lake City. The chicken is juicy and the exterior is shatteringly-crisp. The breading is thick and bursting with flavor.

The chipotle-citrus adds a fun kick of heat and acidity while the strawberries cut through the richness. That said, this is a supremely rich dish and the fresh fruit is dominated by the fried chicken and calorific waffle. Consider ordering up one of their refreshing non alcoholic creations or one of their fresh juices to balance things out.

Worth it?

Definitely, not only are the flavors on point but the portion is a huge. If you manage to finish this dish in one sitting, you’re more than likely not going to eat for some time.