Tsunami - negima
Tsunami – negima

Tsunami – Negima

What the restaurant says

Thinly sliced New York steak wrapped around scallions, pan seared. With sautéed mushrooms and ginger teriyaki sauce. $12.99. Substitute asparagus for scallions $4.99.

What we say

A very enjoyable appetizer if you’re o.k. with the splurge. In the above picture we went ahead and subbed out the scallions for asparagus. The grassy flavors of the asparagus worked much better, albeit pushing the dish close to the $20 mark.

It’s no surprise the flavors work fantastically well together here: medium temp steak, earthy mushroom and the aforementioned asparagus are steakhouse classics; but here they’re re-imagined as an umami slap to the face with the added twist of that ginger-teriyaki sauce. A knock out dish.


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