Arctic Circle - burnt end fries
Arctic Circle – burnt end fries

Arctic Circle – Burnt End Fries

What the restaurant says


What we say

The presentation is certainly enticing – especially when doused lovingly in Arctic Circle’s signature fry sauce. Sadly things start to unwind from there. This is a relatively small portion for the price, suggesting a quality brisket, but the product didn’t deliver for us.

The meat had an almost liquid smoke profile and was quite fatty in parts. Indeed, we found one whole piece that was nothing but a lump of un-rendered fat. Quite unappealing. For roughly the same price, you could easily snack some quality BBQ-brisket from Utah’s finest BBQ joints.

Worth it?

This one is probably worth skipping unless you’re *really* craving AC’s (admittedly good) French fries topped with brisket.