Beef Brisket (GrubHub)
Beef Brisket (GrubHub)

Wearing the same jersey, refusing to shave, and waving rally towels are just a few ways superstitious fans provide their favorite team with good fortune! The Ute’s travel to USC for a big Pac 12 showdown next weekend.

Although some fans won’t be able to travel to sunny southern California, Grubhub found a way to give the Ute’s that extra edge from fans watching at home! Grubhub analyzed food orders during winning and losing game days in 2018 for the Ute’s to compile a list of the Ute’s good luck foods!

The Ute’s Good Luck Foods

  1. Satay chicken : 176% more popular 
  2. Turkey sandwich : 173% more popular 
  3. Shrimp tempura : 168% more popular 
  4. French onion soup : 138% more popular 
  5. Cheddar cheese curd : 138% more popular 
  6. Deep deep dish pepperoni pizza : 123% more popular 
  7. Jalapeno popper : 112% more popular 
  8. Smoked spare rib : 112% more popular 
  9. Meatball sandwich : 110% more popular 
  10. Beef brisket : 93% more popular 

Methodology: These are the most popular foods ordered on days Utah won in comparison to games they lost during the 2018-19 season. Provided by Grubhub.


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