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The Store Opens Aug 23 at The Gateway

The Store
The Store

The Gateway, Utah’s premier place for working, living, dining, entertainment and community gatherings, is proud to announce the long-anticipated opening of The Store at 90 South Rio Grande Street on August 23, 2019. This locally owned independent chain of specialty grocery stores has been doing business in Utah since 1968. The Store’s newest market fills a large void in grocery options in downtown Salt Lake. Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m., and Sunday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

On Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019, they’ll hold a special “Meet the Maker” event from noon – 4 p.m. to highlight the many local producers they debut regularly. This open-to-the-public tasting event is a great way to get acquainted with downtown Salt Lake’s newest culinary treasure. The public is invited to free demos and tastings from June Pie, Cutler’s Cookies, Western Nut, Original Oil Co., Energy Cubes, Canyon Meadows Ranch, Leafy Mama and Petra’s with samples from Cache Valley Toffee and Tagge’s Famous Fruit.

The Store fills a niche for high-quality locally sourced food that’s fresh, flavorful and healthy. At 9,000 square feet, with an all new look and flavor, the downtown market provides a convenient option for residents, employees working in the offices at The Gateway and visitors wanting quick chef-driven, grab-and-go options for the more than 180 events per year. A comfortable seating area affords customers a chance to sit and enjoy their selections and additional diagonal parking has been added on 100 South for shopping convenience.

Each of The Store’s team members have a passion for downtown and Salt Lake’s amazing food culture. Their enthusiasm and appreciation for people and the idea that great food brings people together drives their vision. Their unique culture blends comfort and classic fine foods that incorporate local culinary favorites and unique finds. Chef Paul Morello, who leads the culinary focus of The Store, boasts experience working in fine dining globally.

With an emphasis on a customer service, a top-notch chef-driven culinary program and vast array of locally sourced specialty items, they offer hundreds of local products, in addition to the daily essentials. Rotisserie chickens, smoked meats, extensive deli offerings, and ready-to-eat options with two hot bars, pre-made sandwiches and salads all join a wide variety of “staple” items like milk, bread eggs, all of the highest quality. Beverage options include kombucha, cold brew coffee and the popular Pepsi all natural “Stubborn” soda offerings.

The Store takes great pride in their “Miles to Market” program. They are proud to introduce new makers, many of whom are first-to-market at The Store, and highlight thousands of local products on the shelves including: Cutler’s Cookies (23), Solstice Spices (4), Publik Coffee (13), Abagails Oven (47), Salsa del Diablo (14), Apis Hive & Honey Co . (72), V Chocolates (12.8), Rebecca’s Chocolates (4.6), Sir Walter’s (11.3), Uncle Hoss (9.3), Cakes de Fleur (6), Leatherbys (7) and the popular June Pie (42). 

Local fan favorites carried by The Store include: house made cilantro lime dressing, packaged candies, house Tri‐tip which will be offered along with other high-quality Hereford beef offerings, local Clifford Family Farm eggs, house-made salsa (a decades old classic recipe by the owner), homemade fried chips and fresh squeezed orange juice.

The Niederhausers, who own and operate The Store, have wanted to bring the grocer’s unique environment to an urban neighborhood for years, and to them, The Gateway made perfect sense. “We looked all over the valley for the right location. Because of The Gateway’s amazing revitalization, it was a natural fit,” said Scotty Niederhauser, store director. “With The Store’s history and heavy focus on local offerings and relationships, a location downtown close to the biggest farmers market and many vendors themselves, it seemed too good to be true.”

“We are proud to welcome The Store to our live, work, play family at The Gateway. It’s a delicious new addition and one we’ve been hoping to add,” says Jacklyn Briggs, Marketing Director for The Gateway. “Adding in amenities like a local grocer help us to create a pedestrian-friendly community at The Gateway that benefits residents, employees and the surrounding area. “

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