Mr. Shabu to Join The Gateway in Fall 2019

Mr Shabu (The Gateway)
Mr Shabu (The Gateway)
Mr Shabu (The Gateway)

 The Gateway, Utah’s premier community gathering, dining and entertainment destination is pleased to announce that “Mr. Shabu” will be joining their  growing restaurant offerings. Serving shabu-shabu, an Asian hot pot dish that’s quickly gaining popularity in the United States and Europe, it will be a popular new addition of more than 5,000 square feet of dining to the Gateway’s growing list of specialty restaurants on the south end of the property.

This all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant will be located in the heart of restaurant row on the south end of The Gateway. Mr. Shabu will offer individual Asian hot pot dishes with thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in a selection of specialty broths served with a delicious range of dipping sauces. Soup broth bases include kombu, tonkatsu, sukiyaki, miso, vegetarian and Chinese hot pot broth. Diners will be tempted by a choice of meats (beef, pork and lamb) and seafood (shrimp, mussels, squid and more) and a wide assortment of fresh vegetables. Everything is served in unlimited quantities, so diners have a large selection of the freshest ingredients to choose from for a highly customized, personal dining experience.

The modern iteration of shabu-shabu (meaning “swish swish” in Japanese) was invented by chef Chuichi Miyake in Osaka, Japan in 1952. It became popular in China during the 1980’s. Today, shabu-shabu dishes are enjoyed in many Asian cultures and menus around the world.

Mr. Shabu’s owner brings with him 18 years of experience in the meat supply business. With his extensive knowledge in meats, he will provide hand-selected premium meats for the best shabu-shabu experience. Mr. Shabu will present diners with a customizable interactive dining experience through specialty broths, premium selection of meats and the large variety of fresh vegetables.

“We know Mr. Shabu will be a hit with endless options for customized meals that make it easy for group dining,” says Jacklyn Briggs, marketing director for The Gateway. “Located next to the new Sweet Rolled Tacos, It’s the perfect complement to all our new dining options including Chedda Burger, The Lounge by Wiseguys and the soon to be open Food Hall.”

The address will be 159 S. Rio Grande St, SLC, UT 84101 and website (now under construction) will be

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The Gateway, after completing purchase and $100 million investment in revitalization, has successfully entered into a new phase introducing all-new “live, work and play” experiences and entertainment through art, technology, community-driven events and new merchant openings. In addition to all the recent food, drinks and entertainment announcements.

Stuart is the founder, writer and wrangler at several sites including Gastronomic SLC, Utah Now and, The Utah Review; Stuart is a former restaurant critic of more than five years, working for the Salt Lake Tribune and has worked extensively with other local publications from Utah Stories through to Salt Lake Magazine and Visit Salt Lake.