Mr. Burns At An Other Theatre Company

Mr. Burns (An Other Theatre Company)
Mr. Burns (An Other Theatre Company)
Mr. Burns (An Other Theatre Company)

Opening July 12th, An Other Theater Company will be presenting Anne Washburn’s look at what would survive from our culture after a world-wide nuclear event that brings the end to electricity, the internet, and society as we know it (hint: it’s The Simpsons).

Months after a cataclysmic event that brought the end of electricity, several travelers gather around a campfire, recapping and episode of The Simpsons to each other. Over the following years and decades, we follow how these stories evolve through various old and new artistic mediums. 

“The play is essentially a comedy at its roots, it even has a couple surprise musical numbers, but mixed in are snaps of surprising drama that give this wild play an incredible range of depth,” says Taylor Jack Nelson, one of the shows co-directors. “I was very excited to work on this play because of how fun and weird it is, but as rehearsals have progressed I’ve become more and more taken aback at how smart and poignant it is.”

Co-director Kacey Spadafora added: “It explores the far extremes of the human condition in such a surprising way. These characters are grappling with finding artistic expression and fulfillment while simultaneously keeping themselves armed against intruders at all times and wondering if their skin might peel off if they drink the wrong water. It’s intimidating when you’re directing a piece that’s far smarter than you, but that’s where I am with this show.  Anne Washburn is asking a lot of us. Luckily we have the most creatively generous cast in the world who are so willing to sink their teeth into whatever it is we throw at them.”

The play runs Fridays and Saturdays July 12th through August 3rd at 7:30pm in AOTC’s blackbox theater in the Provo Towne Centre. There will also be one Sunday performance on July 28th at 5:00pm.

Tickets are $12-$14 online and $15-$17 at the door.  Opening night tickets are pick-your-price, and free tickets are available throughout the run for those who cannot afford them through AOTC’s Play-It-Forward program.  For details on this program, or to buy tickets, visit

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