Korean Fried Chicken (Hearth And Hill)
Korean Fried Chicken (Hearth And Hill)

The first day of summer is almost here and as we welcome the hot sun rays and long days, Grubhub wants to recollect on how we ate our way through the spring season and share Grubhub’s predictions of the trendiest dishes of the summer!

Salt Lake City’s Top Foods in Spring 2019

Methodology: These foods were ordered more during spring ‘19 compared to the rest of the year (summer ‘18, fall 18’ and winter ‘18-’19).

  1. Pad thai chicken: 314% more popular
  2. Oreo milkshake: 283% more popular
  3. Korean fried cauliflower: 249% more popular
  4. Cuban sandwich: 222% more popular
  5. strawberry shortcake: 214% more popular

Salt Lake City’s Most Popular Foods of Summer ‘19

Methodology: Grubhub analyzed food orders during Salt Lake City’s two previous summer seasons

  1. Hawaiian pizza
  2. Cheese quesadilla
  3. Vegetable burrito
  4. Chicken fettuccine
  5. Mac and cheese

Salt Lake City locals are in for a cheesy summer, as Grubhub predicts that cheese quesadilla, mac and cheese, and Hawaiian pizza will be most popular moving forward!


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