St. Rita's Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary
St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary

We’re excited to welcome Rita Collins and St.Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary. Collins has been taking her mobile bookstore on a tour of the continental United States since 2015, but this is the first time the shop has traveled to Utah. She’ll be in town the last Sunday of the month, setting up shop from 12-5pm in the parking lot located on the north side of Ken Sanders Rare Books. Come by and check out her wares on wheels. One stop, two bookshops—what could be better?

Rita Collins on St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary -“Quite the mouthful but how else to describe this unique business that operates

out of the Tobacco Valley: a traveling
bookstore encased in a large van that holds all sorts of used books for your reading pleasure.
Westerns? Biographies? Romance? Art? St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore has them all. You will probably find this traveling bookstore at the Eureka Farmers Market but it also takes to highways and back roads to bring reading pleasure to fans near and far.
Which brings up the idea of a textual apothecary. Because reading isn’tjust for fun but can also be medicinal. Surely you have experienced the

perfect book for easing a headache or helping with a cold.
So for those of you who appreciate the wonder and therapeutic effects of reading words on a printed page, watch for this bookstore full of unusual used books to pull into a parking lot near you.”

Ken Sanders Rare Books is a full-service antiquarian bookshop in downtown Salt Lake City.


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