Downtown Artist Collective May Gallery Show

Downtown Artist Collective

The Downtown Artist Collective presents kr6ma featuring works from artists
Céline Downen, Micah Payan and Miroslava Vomela.

All three artists explore the use of color and how it relates to emotions, defines a sense of place, and affects mood. Downen uses the cyanotype photographic process, which produces rich blues. Her current series presents simple meditations in blue, silhouettes of specimens that reflect and connect to her family. Payan’s photographs explore the importance of color in portraying emotion within a narrative outside of reality. Vomela layers hand-cut found images with other media such as acrylic paint, pen and ink, and colored pencil to create harmonious color palettes.

Céline Downen grew up in Salt Lake City and moved to Evanston, IL when she was eleven. She graduated with a BA. in Photography from Columbia College in 1996, returning to Utah in 2006. In 2016, she completed an MFA in Community-Based Art Education at the University of Utah. She is a member of the Downtown Artist Collective and considers herself a freelance art educator.

Micah Payan is an artist currently working on photography and video art while reviving her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Weber State University. Greatly inspired by film and narrative Payan works to create small moments of heightened importance in her work.

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, artist Miroslava Vomela immigrated to the US. with her parents in 1984 to escape communism. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, after living in Connecticut and Washington, DC. Miroslava is a board member at the Downtown Artist Collective and works as a web and graphic designer.

About the Downtown Artists Collective

We are an artist co-op founded by local artists and entrepreneurs, a place for artists and the community to come together through galleries, studio, and learning space located in Downtown Salt Lake City.

We strive to create a community where artists can reflect, collaborate, and share in a
cooperative environment. Our goal is to provide a space for excellent artists to exhibit work and share skills with each other and the community.

The DAC is an artist-run gallery. Artists staff the gallery and operate all aspects of the business.

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