Karen Millar Kendall: A Collective Tapestry

Downtown Artist Collective
Downtown Artist Collective
Downtown Artist Collective

The Downtown Artist Collective is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Salt Lake City artist Karen Millar Kendall in Salt Lake City. The Show runs from April 16 through May 13. As well, we will also be featuring the work of a guest artist, Nikita Andrews Nenashev.

Tapestry – an intricate or complex combination of things.

The creative center of my work focuses on our national parks and public lands; a narrative that hopes to reawaken your intentional need to preserve these places, and to remind you of why this matters. This work is a tapestry of color and pattern moving from representation to abstraction that embodies the nature of each place. Each piece tells a story, whether it be

of the heart-aching beauty captured there, or an expression of the way that place is being exploited. This collection is for those who enjoy something which makes them think, and feel, and whisks them away from the ordinary.

Karen Millar Kendall – Artist

Karen is originally from Michigan where she began creating art as a young girl with pen and ink, a medium she still loves today. High school art classes brought about oil renderings of rock bands, and an everlasting interest in, and love of, painting. Having had no formal training in art and technique, Karen has created her own personal style which is continually developing and growing, particularly as “happy accidents” occur that spark new “Wow, that’s cool!” moments.

Karen’s love for nature drives her life and her passions, and is reflected in her art. She loves capturing the beauty and serenity of nature in painting, photography and drawing.

Karen has commissioned paintings, sold at markets, and has donated work for fundraising events. Shows include a two person exhibit at the Downtown Artists Collective in SLC, and the Kimball Arts Center, Park City, among others.

Karen enjoys bringing art to the community as a volunteer Community Outreach Member at the DAC, volunteering at Bad Dog Arts, and as a member of the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council. Sharing a love of art with people of all backgrounds, ages, and experience is a passion; seeing the spark of creativity and wonder come from a “blank canvas” is incredibly rewarding.

“As an artist, I hope to elicit a feeling or emotion in viewers, whether it is through subject, or bold color. A painting should evoke a visceral response, drawing the viewer in and inviting them to “take a journey” outside themselves. Beauty is captured in a moment on canvas.”

My work: Moments in nature are captured on canvas, in oil, with a blended palette knife technique. Palette knife is used almost exclusively to lay down color and blend; this creates interesting patterns, color and textures for those who enjoy bold art with bold structure. Although abstract in nature, these paintings will remind viewers of places they’ve been, or desire to visit.

Quoted: “Your work…. makes me feel as if I am going home.” ~ Gallery show visitor.

“Art is first a sight sense, and then it becomes a mental activity as our mind’s eye takes us back to a memory, or takes us forward into a new world. Sometimes it soothes, sometimes it jars us into action, and sometimes, it is an escape. You can do all of that through one piece.” ~ Pam Smith

Exhibition Details:

Karen Millar Kendall: A COLLECTIVE TAPESTRY April 16 to May13

Downtown Artist Collective
100 South 258 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84112 Friday – Saturday from 4pm – 8pm

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