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Envidia Cochina

Albariño at its biodynamic best

Turn up the Flamenco music, bring on the Manchego cheese, sauté those scallops and grill that octopus! Envidia Cochina Tête de Cuvée Albariño 2017 has arrived, and we are smitten. 
Grown, nurtured, and meticulously crafted by Eladio Pineiro, a master of biodynamic wines in the Rias Baixas Denomination de Origen (DO) in the northwest corner of Spain, this is a voluptuous, almost lemon-yellow Albariño. At first sip, you’re plunged into a world of aromatic intensity—a bouquet of citrus tempered by the softness of stone fruit and a swirl of salty minerality. Honestly, the experience is enough to make you dizzy with its complexity. 
The name envidia cochinaplays on a popular Spanish idiom— the concept of envy—as in, “I have it, you don’t, so eat your heart out!” Take note. Piniero’s methods are slow and elaborate, and he produces a limited number of cases. So if you miss out, you may indeed eat your heart out.

Envidia Cochina Tête de Cuvée
2017Rias Baixas (Spain), 100% Albariño

Cult winemaker Eladio Pineiro crafts his artisanal Albariños in his tiny cellar in Villagarcia de Arosa, and his Envidia Cochina Tête de Cuvée shows a bold intensity. As a Tête de Cuvée, (a term borrowed from French Champagne houses meaning top batch or in other words—the best!) Envidia Cochina is made from hand-selected grapes grown on 30-year-old vines. After vinification, the wine spends six months in stainless steel aging on the fine lees with a weekly stirring to embolden the flavors. Then, to expand the palate and heighten the complexity, Pineiro gives it a boost from its sister Albariño, his Frore del Carme, which has aged for over a year. 

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