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Saffron Valley hosts Annual Biryani & Kebab Festival

Saffron Valley celebrates a Monsoon Biryani and Kebab Festival. Our festival kicks off Tuesday, October 2 and goes through Sunday, October 7 at the Saffron Bistro in Sugar House. This delectable food festival gives you the chance to immerse yourself into our authentic cuisine from North and South of India.

Explore the Food:

The enticing smell of the kebab and the rich aroma of Biryani will take you back into the royal era of the Nizams. In many parts of India, a popular thing to eat is a kebab. Made by mounting vegetables and/or pieces of meat on a skewer and grilling it, this is a yummy blend of food that is sure to fill you up. While lamb is a common meat used for kebabs, we will also be offering chicken and vegetarian options.

Biryani is a beloved Indian dish, one that requires experience to make, but let us assure you that our chefs are up to the task. Biryani, a casserole of sorts is made with long-grained rice and layered with chicken, lamb or fish along with vegetables. Biryani is seasoned with exotic spices, such as saffron, and it is sealed with dough and simmered over a low flame. At the festival, we’ll be offering several different kinds of biryani for you to taste and explore.

Food Fest Offerings:

As you learn and celebrate other cultures, take some time to travel coast to coast by sampling dishes from the North and South such as:

Tandoor Chicken Kebabs: Tandoor grilled boneless chicken marinated in exotic spices
Mushroom Malai Tikka: Grilled mushrooms marinated in cream and authentic spices.
Broccoli Mussalam: Broccoli grilled in a delectable Mughlai-based makhani sauce.
Lucknowi Tangdi Kebab: Grilled chicken drumsticks marinated in a perfect blend of spices for added moistness.
Achari Chicken Kebab: Boneless chicken marinated in pickle spices and cooked in the tandoor.
Lamb Galouti Kebab: Finely minced and seasoned lamb kebabs made using the popular Lucknowi preparation method.
Tandoori Malai Chops: Marinated in our special blend of house spices and grilled, these lamb chop kebabs are as delicious as they sound.
Hussaini Seekh Kebab: Minced meat shaped into long kebabs and grilled on skewers.
Ajwaini Machili: Salmon cooked with a blend of aromatic spices and caraway.
Mahi Tikka: Mahi Mahi marinated in a blend of specialty spices, mint and ginger, is one of our must-try dishes.
Jinga Rani: This menu item is jumbo prawns grilled in our own blend of spices.

Dum Biryanis:

Saffron Murgh Dum Biryani: A Lucknowi-style biryani dish made with chicken, saffron and spices.
Ambur Chicken Biryani: South Indian-style biryani made with chicken and regional spices.
Malabar Fish Biryani: A fish biryani made with cream coconut and mild spices.
Saffron Mixed Biryani: One of our house favorites, this biryani dish includes chicken, lamb, fish and shrimp.
Talapakatti Goat Biryani: We’ve perfected this Southern India dish to give you the chance to try a regional specialty.

All of these delectable dishes with be accompanied with a side of vegetarian or chicken gravy. You can also choose a refreshing addition of Pineapple Raitha, Boondi Raitha or our classic Cucumber Raitha.

Event Details:

Menu items will be priced from $12.99 to $18.99. The Saffron Bistro is located at 479 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City. Hours of operation are: Tuesday through Friday from 11AM to 2:30PM and from 5PM to 10 PM. On Saturdays, the eatery is open from 11AM to 3:30PM and from 5PM to 10PM. It is open on Sundays from 11AM to 3:30PM and 5PM to 9PM. We hope you will join us as we traverse and immerse ourselves into this annual festival that celebrates a delectable genre of foods from India.

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